At SCC, we provide highly skilled speech-language, social communication, and social skills consultations, evaluations and intervention for children ages 18 months - 6 years old. We are also proud to partner with parents and serve the community by providing parent education on a variety of topics as well as teacher inservice training. All of our services are highly individualized to meet the needs of those we serve.

Evaluation & Consultation Services

  • Classroom Observations
  • Preschool Speech and Language Screenings
  • Developmental Screenings and Evaluations
  • Speech and Language Assessments
  • Comprehensive Speech-Language and Social Communication Evaluations
  • Interdisciplinary Autism Spectrum Disorder Evaluations

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Individual Speech-Language and/or Social Communication Therarpy

One-on-one therapy with your child at the SCC clinic or at their school using techniques designed to meet the needs of your individual child. Individual therapy services are offered for remediation of:

  • Articulation/phonological disorder
  • Motor speech challenges
  • Receptive-expressive language delay or disorder
  • Expressive language delay or disorder
  • Social Communication Disorder

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Group Programs

The Social Communication Connection is proud to offer a wide variety of program options for preschoolers with challenges in social communication, language, and play skills.

  • SmILES: Small-group Intervention for Language Expression and Speech (SmILES) is a small group, classroom-based program designed to serve 2-3 year old "late talkers" with expressive language delays and/or speech delays (including those related to motor speech).
  • Wee Builders: A classroom-based program for 2-year old early verbal communicators, focusing on developing language, social communication, and play skills within a small group environment.
  • Building Blocks: A Small Group Language and Social Communication Program for 2- to 4-year old children targeting developing language, joint play, and social skills. Offered at two age and ability levels: Building Blocks I and Building Blocks II!
  • PALS: The Preschool Articulation and Language Support (PALS) program, designed for 3-4 year old children, facilitates speech and language skills and school readiness within the classroom setting.
  • Bridge Builders: Small group social skills programs for highly verbal 3- to 6-year old children that focus on increasing social communication and play skills with peers, and understanding and managing emotions. Offered at two age and ability levels: Bridge Builders Pre-K and Bridge Builders Kindergarten.


To promote better understanding of early childhood speech-language development and communication facilitation strategies, SCC offers parent/caregiver training and teacher inservice programs on a variety of topics.

  • Parent Training: Sessions are individualized to your child and family's needs. Recommended therapy techniques may include Hanen Programs such as It Takes Two to Talk or More than Words, The Play Project, Project IMPACT, and Social Thinking™, amongst other speech-language and social communication facilitation strategies. Parent training may be conducted at the clinic or via Zoom!
  • Teacher Education: Mini-seminars/in-services available for training on topics including: typical speech-language development; red flags for language, social communication, and sensory challenges; developmental facilitation techniques in the classroom

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