Our Mission

We believe that each child and family has the right to feel safe, loved, and respected.

The mission of the Social Communication Connection is three-fold:
  • To educate and empower families of children with speech-language and social communication challenges;
  • To design and implement innovative and highly individualized therapy programming to facilitate the best outcomes for children with speech-language and social communication challenges;
  • To help them to succeed in their community.

SCC partners with families and the community to help children reach their highest potential.

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Every parent conceives a road map for what he or she believes the parenting journey will hold. As on any road trip, we all hope to take the parenting highway, moving fast with no speed bumps, no construction, no traffic, no road blocks... just smooth sailing all the way. In reality, this journey doesn't exist for any parent. However, concerns about your child's speech-language, social communication, play, and behavioral development can feel like traffic, an unwanted intruder on the journey you envisioned. A detour from the original plan will be needed; you are on the less-traveled side roads now.

At the Social Communication Connection, we help families and their communities to understand where they are now, and make a plan for where they are going. We want to partner with you on your journey. Together, we will begin to appreciate that the side roads can be just as beautiful, and the marks of progress on your journey are even more precious. We will help you get to your destination.


Social Communication Connection provides highly individualized services to meet the needs of the whole child and family.


Speech-language screenings, assessments, and comprehensive speech-language and developmental evaluations

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One-on-one therapy with a certified speech-language pathologist using individualized techniques to meet your child's needs

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Parent/caregiver training and teacher education programs

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We feel very fortunate to have found SCC. The staff is fantastic and they provide wonderful individualized attention based on the needs of your child. My child has grown and blossomed under their care. Michelle and her team are truly wonderful caring people that love what they do and it shows everyday. - M's Mom