Small-group Intervention for Language Expression and Speech (SmILES) is a small group, classroom-based program designed to serve 2-3 year old "late talkers" with expressive language delays and/or speech delays (including those related to motor speech). Informed by expertise in early speech-language development, classroom activities will focus on developing expressive language and speech motor skills through use of current evidence- based intervention techniques including Cycles approach (Hodson), K-SLP methods (Kaufman), and It Takes Two to Talk (Hanen), as appropriate to the individual children in the group.

Our daily schedule will include typical early preschool activities such as circle time, free play/center time, snack, art, sensory play, and gross motor play on our indoor playground.  Skills developed during activities will include developmentally appropriate vocabulary and speech sounds, expanded utterance length, and successful communication with peers. We will also include targeted practice of early developing sounds and vocabulary concepts as appropriate to each child. Each class will be led by 1-2 speech-language pathologists and may be supported by graduate students in speech-language pathology from the UTD-Callier Center. Class size will be limited to 5 children.

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Financial Information

Please note that while we do not submit to insurance companies, your tuition may be reimbursable by your insurance company as group speech-language therapy (CPT: 92508) under your out-of-network benefits. We encourage you to contact your insurance company directly with any questions. Tuition is non-refundable for class days missed. We will not be able to offer credits or refunds for any sessions cancelled due to group/Clinic closure or absences related to COVID-19.