Who We Can Help

The Social Communication Connection specializes in service to young children (ages 18 months – 6 years) with challenges in speech-language, social communication, joint play, and/or behavior, and their families.  Diagnoses may include: articulation/phonological disorder, language delay or disorder, and/or social communication disorder. Some of our little friends also present with autism spectrum disorder, sensory processing disorder, attention deficit disorder, anxiety, and accompanying social skills deficits.

We take a team approach to serving your family and love coordinating services between therapists, teachers, and family members.

Our focuses are:

  • accurate diagnoses of speech-language disorder. We offer in-depth speech-language evaluations to give you detailed information about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, and strategies that will facilitate his/her success;
  • accurate diagnoses of early developmental disorders, including autism spectrum disorder.  Through partnerships with licensed clinical psychologists, we are able to offer interdisciplinary evaluations including speech-language, cognitive, educational, adaptive, behavioral, and social-emotional functioning.
  • therapy program planning: understanding your child, aiding in therapy and educational decisions, guiding the family to build a program that is not only individualized to the child, but individualized to the family as a whole;
  • family and community education: understanding your child, his/her diagnoses (if applicable), and service options;
  • individual and small group social communication classes tailored to your child’s specific needs; services may be delivered in home, at school, at our clinic, or in one of our classrooms;
  • social skills groups for highly verbal children who continue to need support to be socially successful.

If you are lost, the Social Communication Connection is here to guide you.

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