Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Consulting Services

Receiving a diagnosis of “autism spectrum disorder” for your child can be a pivotal moment in a life of a family. While your child is that same loved and prayed for child that he or she has always been, the world can suddenly feel like a very different place for parents.  With over 20 years of experience in research and clinical practice in service to young children on the spectrum, our director, Michelle McFarlin, would be honored to be your guide as you take the first steps of a new journey.  We offer parent education, treatment planning, and consulting services individualized to meet the needs of your child and family.

Family Education and Empowerment Lessons (FEEL)

The goal of Social Communication Connection’s Family Education and Empowerment Lessons (FEEL) is to help you and your family understand an autism diagnosis as it relates to you as an individual family, help you understand the range of autism services available in your area, and arm you with information so that you may be empowered in making decisions for your child and family. We want to help you get a feel for where you are and where you are going.

  • Your family’s FEEL session can be scheduled to take place in your home, with up to 6 adult participants. We strongly encourage both parents to participate, as well as any family members (grandparents, aunts, uncles) or caregivers who are intimately involved in your child’s life.
  • The FEEL session lasts approximately 2 hours, and includes a presentation with handouts.
  • Learner objectives include:
    • understanding the diagnosis of Autism/ASD;
    • understanding areas of speech and language development, including social communication development and pragmatic language;
    • describing the spectrum of therapy services typically available to children with ASD;
    • understanding the domain of different professionals who serve children with ASD and their families;
    • identifying local resources for services;
    • identifying written resources.

Following completion of a FEEL session, if a family desires additional expert guidance, they may contact the director about scheduling Family MAP services. (Fee for a 2-hour FEEL session with up to 6 adults is $500.)

Family MAP (“Making an Autism Plan”)

The goal of Social Communication Connection’s Family MAP (“Making an Autism Plan”) is to help you map your new path following your autism diagnosis.

  • Our expert will help you to better understand where your individual child is now, by reviewing available documents and/or completing diagnostic therapy sessions.
  • From there, acting as a partner and guide, she will help you make a plan for where you are going.
  • These services are selected upon your families individual needs, and may include:
    • in-depth discussion of available service options in your area;
    • traveling with you to visit and evaluate the merits of different service options as they relate to your individual child;
    • consultations with teachers and professionals;
    • guiding and supporting you as you think through and weigh your family’s school and therapy options.

The goal of Family MAP services is not only to help the family identify the best plan of action for your child, but for the FAMILY as a whole. (Fees are based upon an hourly rate of $200 per hour, including travel time and phone conferences.)

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