Parents are People Too

Through this blog, I share a lot of ideas for being a Parent-Teacher for your child.  I have done a couple crash courses in academic concepts such as theory of mind, and core vocabulary.  We have talked about using storybooks to prepare children for new experiences such as holidays, using picture books to introduce core vocabulary and concepts, and offered strategies for handling “different days.” I am sharing ideas for evidence-based practices, shown to advance learning in children with autism, and I hope I am couching these ideas and strategies in a way that helps you in the home.

Let us all admit now that real life happens – parents oversleep, children are too tired, and for whatever reason either the parent or the child are too strung out, rushed, or depleted for all of my great plans.  NO BIG DEAL. It is wonderful to be a Parent-Teacher, but when it comes time, give yourself permission to just be a Parent too.  While, yes, helping your child to understand and communicate is ultimately going to make everyone’s life easier, not every moment is a teachable moment—and not every day is a teachable day.  When you need to let it go, let it go.  Pick it back up when you are both ready again.  Keep taking your child to their teachers and therapists.  Keep walking the path. Keep just LOVING your kid for who they are.  You will know when you are ready to take on more again, and you will.  Because that’s what parents do.

Just as a child with autism is a child first,

A parent of a child with autism is a parent first.

And parents are just people.  And people aren’t perfect.

When you need to, Mama, just pour yourself a glass.

Tomorrow is another day.


From my mom heart to yours,


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