It’s Holiday Time!

Coming from the perspective of a fellow parent of young children, I think we can all agree that sometimes we are doing really stinkin’ well to get through a single, ordinary day without screaming. Between all the pick-ups, drop-offs, grocery shopping, Target runs, and God-forbid actually cooking, there are infinite opportunities for our kids to melt down into a big, messy puddle on the floor. And that’s a normal day, am I right?

But THEN, comes a holiday. Something so, so special and precious that we are expected to stop and savor it, make it memorable, create childhood magic with it. And we all have such high hopes for holidays, don’t we? And our own happy memories too. Lovely, lovely thoughts—and we WILL have memories from it, but I’d venture to say that the short-term memories of mothers of young children are pretty different from the long-term memories that endure in mothers of grown children!

So how do we get through a holiday and actually enjoy it???

Through my clinical experiences, I have come up with a set of strategies that I employ to:

  1. Introduce and set expectations for a given holiday
  2. Get through the day
  3. Help us all remember it fondly

Over the next few blog posts, I’ll be walking you through all of them. While deconstructing holidays in this way is particularly helpful for young children with autism, I gotta say that it is also really helpful for very young children at all developmental levels!

Spoiler: The key to success on the day of the event or holiday is…. PREPARATION!

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