Parent Testimonials

“We woke up in a world of fear and anxiety not only for the day, but for the future of our family.  We now have a plan, a team, and a direction.  We wake up knowing we have allies.  We wake up knowing today will bring us one step closer to an exciting future for us together.”

—B’s mom

“After my three-year old son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, my head was spinning!  There are so many therapy options and providers–but how was I going to find the best fit for my son?  Thankfully, our pediatrician recommended Michelle McFarlin from the Texas Social Communication Connection (formerly White Rock Autism).  Michelle first came to our home to spend some time with my son.  Her kind demeanor and willingness to get on the floor and play helped him to feel comfortable with her.  After getting to know my son, and talking with my husband and me, Michelle was able to give therapy recommendations based upon my son’s needs.  Michelle even observed my son in his classroom at school and was able to give feedback and suggestions to his teachers.  When summer was approaching and I was scrambling to find therapies, it was Michelle who helped me coordinate it all with our schedule.  She even created a preschool language group program (Building Blocks) based upon the fact that we simply could not find the right fit.  I am so grateful for Michelle’s help and expertise.  I really do not know what we would’ve done without her guidance.  If you have a child that struggles with language, social communication, and/or play skills, Michelle McFarlin is the answer to your prayers!”

—T’s mom

“The confidence that Michelle has in our son’s potential truly gives me patience in dealing with day to day hurdles that seemed so monumental in the past.  Not only am I learning tools to deal with these challenges, I am learning why and how to use them to my advantage.”

—H’s mom

“Our son was diagnosed with autism at 2 1/2, and the developmental pediatrician gave the same standard ABA, OT and Speech recommendations.  He did not take the time to get to know M. and really appreciate his strengths and capabilities. When you hear ‘Your child has Autism,’ hope seems to disappear–especially when the doctor giving you the diagnosis doesn’t seem to have much hope either.  So grateful we found Michelle and her organization.  She came and evaluated M., and her manner is so personal and kind.  M. had such a strong response to her, and she helped us make our home easier for him to navigate, and gave us (and continues to) such wonderful advice and guidance. Michelle sees so much more in our son than a diagnosis. We always walk away from one of her meetings with big hope for our son.  Thank you, Michelle.”

–M’s mom