Building Blocks Camp 2018

Enrollment for Summer 2018 is now open!

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Our Building Blocks Summer Camps are designed for 2- to 4-year old children with difficulties in language, sensory processing/emotional regulation, social communication development, and/or play skills.  Children with diagnoses of Autism Spectrum Disorder are welcome.

Our daily schedule includes typical preschool activities such as circle time, center time, snack, art/sensory play, table time (structured activities), and outdoor play on the playground.

Skills developed during activities include developmentally appropriate speech and language targets, participation in group activities, and the building blocks to emerging social conversation.  Intervention techniques utilized are consistent with naturalistic behavioral theory, developmental theory, the SCERTS model (Prizant, Wetherby, Rubin, & Laurent), the Early CLASS (Facilitating Early Social Communication; Rollins) developmental theory and techniques, and elements of Social Thinking (Michelle Garcia Winner) as appropriate to the individual children in the group.

Children will be grouped by age and developmental level into classrooms led by specialists in the population.   Classes will be taught by a speech language pathologist, with additional staffing provided by college and graduate students with a special interest in early childhood developmental difficulties.



“Right fit” children for this group may have one or more of the following characteristics:

  • Challenges in social communication skills, including conversation
  • Challenges in play skills
  • Challenges in classroom skills
  • Delayed speech/language development
  • Sensory processing difficulties

Highly verbal 4- to 6-year old children who are looking to gain the necessary social skills to be successful should consider enrollment in our Bridge Builders classes.



Camps will be held at our SCC Clinic, located at 8100 Lomo Alto, Suite 125, Dallas, TX 75225; and Highland Park Presbyterian Church (HPPC), located at 3821 University Blvd., Dallas, TX 75205.

Classes that take place at the clinic have a smaller class size (maximum of 5 children).  Classes that take place at HPPC have a maximum of 8 children per class.



All camp classes take place from 9-11:30 am.



How do I enroll?

Contact our director, Michelle McFarlin, at

Also, thanks to a very generous gift, we are now able to offer financial assistance to families in need through The Winn Family Scholarship Fund.  Please contact us at, for more information and to request a financial aid application.

We look forward to serving your family!