Evaluation & Consultation Services: Speech-language and Social Communication

Classroom Observations

The Social Communication Connection is proud to partner with local preschools to offer classroom observations for concerned parents, teachers, and administrators.  With parent permission, our experts come into the classroom to observe your child at work and play to determine whether there is a need for further evaluation.  Clinical observation services are typically billed at $150/hour.


Comprehensive Speech-language and Social Communication Evaluations

Our experts now offer speech-language evaluations that also offer detailed information about social communication development.  We will assess your child’s articulation (how their words sound), receptive language (what they understand), expressive communication (what words they know and how they put them together), and social communication abilities (how they use what they know to communicate wants and needs and share information).  We also carefully analyze play abilities and behavior to give a full and accurate description of your child.


Interdisciplinary Developmental and Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Evaluations

The Social Communication Connection is proud to partner with several local highly respected clinical psychology practices to offer interdisciplinary developmental evaluations, which may rule in or out the appropriateness of an Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis, among other developmental disorders.  An interdisciplinary approach to assessment results in the strongest diagnostic and programming decisions. The word “interdisciplinary” is not interchangeable with the word “multidisciplinary.” While both approaches involve professionals from various fields, only in interdisciplinary assessment do professionals work in a truly collaborative manner to integrate information for diagnostic and programming decisions. For more information, please contact us.